Religion versus Lifestyle

Let’s begin by saying that there’s a difference between being religious and allowing God to play a major role in your life. Christianity is a lifestyle. Religion is something you do at an appointed time, such as going to the temple weekly or a church building, etc. In my limited experience, when a person tends to be religious, oftentimes, they close their minds from allowing God to function freely in his or her daily life.  The religious organization or activities tend to become the object of their worship as opposed to worshipping God. Now don’t misunderstand what I’m saying, there is nothing wrong with attending these activities regularly. However, when attending church activities becomes the basis of your spiritual experience and is a duty to a denomination: then you are being religious.

I am not talking about religion, but something you experience – primarily who you are: based on an inward change, as opposed to something you do. The experience which I call “The Salvation Experience” takes place when an individual acknowledges believes the existence of the God of the bible, and by faith receives Him as a primary source from which they will draw from what is needed to obtain and maintain a healthy and profitable spiritual and physical life.

Charles Dantzler Spiritual

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