9-year-old Denver boy dies by suicide after being bullied at school

Leia Pierce his mother says “…bullying was a factor in the death of her son, Jamel Myles, who started fourth grade just last week.” Over the summer, Jamel came out to his mother as gay, she said. “(H)e looked so scared when he told me. He was like, ‘Mom I’m gay.’ And I thought he was playing, so I looked back because I was driving, and he was all curled up, so scared. And I said, I still love you,” Pierce told KDVR-TV.” Jamel wanted to tell his classmates at Joe Shoemaker Elementary School. “He went to school and said he was going tell people he’s gay because he’s proud of himself,” the mother said.

She said when her son came out, he also opened up about wanting to dress more femininely. Pierce said her son told her, “I know you buy me boy stuff because I’m a boy, but I’d rather dress like a girl.”
Just four days after starting school last week and coming out to his classmates, Jamel took his own life.

Today I read this article where this 9 year old boy committed suicide because he was being bullied, which had being going on for some time. After having experienced this for some time, after coming out about  him being gay to his mother
and then to his fellow classmates, and being bullied because he did, he took his life. My question: at what point did this situation go wrong to cause such a tragic outcome? Who shoud take responsiblity for this tragic ending? Could the situation been handled differendly?

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